Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to make people paranoid and seek psychiatric care

Tomorrow is my last Monday at my current job. I've worked my way up from lowest of the low clerical to semi-skilled data entry/customer service lackey. I was hired pretty fresh out of college, and I've learned a lot at this department.

I've learned when to shut up, and when to speak up. Who to confide in, and who to avoid being associated with. What kinds of things can get you in trouble, and who can get away with them regardless of any rules in place.

Most of all, I think I've learned to be paranoid. When to look over my shoulder. How to look like I'm busy. How to hide the fact that I sometimes use utensils or plates at my desk. I've learned how to look at someone as if you actually couldn't believe they're watching you. Listening to your conversations. Counting how many times you get water or go to the bathroom in a day.

Let me be clear: I do not now, nor have I ever worked for the FBI, the CIA, or the NSA. But still, I feel like that sometimes. A lot of times, really. My name is not Robert Hanson, and I have never sold any government secrets to Russians.

While I am very much looking forward to my career there being finished, I really harbor no ill will. I just wish things could have been different. Strike that. Things could have been different; they just weren't. I wasn't happy there; from what I've heard, not many employees there are happy.

So instead of dwelling on the negative things and the reasons I'm leaving, I'm focusing on my next chapter: positivity, and not letting anyone convince me that I'll hate my new job (which, by the way, I start exactly two days before my birthday). It's gonna be rainbows and sprinkles.

Oh yeah, and I'll have a 3.7 mile commute from my front door. I'm going to have tons more time to run in the mornings!! I'm so excited!

So, what were you least/favorite jobs?
Any horror stories?
Bad bosses and/or co-workers?
Stupid policies?
Tell me!!

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