Sunday, March 3, 2013

On my way, with just a couple of little road blocks

Yesterday, Rocky Hill really kicked my booty! I loved running downhill, but I was careful. I didn't want to kill my legs and butt too much, but when I woke up this morning, yikes!!

It was a good run, at least. A productive run. A five-plus-miler (even though my friend's GPS said four)!

I told myself that I could skip the twelve and go for eight today (for a total of twelve), but since it's really five that I ran yesterday, I could go for six and a half or seven! And tomorrow: none. Zero miles on Monday morning. Cool, dude. Very cool.

Oh, there's just this one little thing standing between me and utter annihilation of those last seven-or-so miles... my shins barely allow me to walk. Or get up from the couch, bed, or chair. Oops, one more little thing: my feet are killing me! So, I've adjusted my plan of attack. Tonight: a nice long walk with my Love. Tomorrow: run at least five (but shooting for six and a half; we'll see) miles. Whether that happens in the AM or PM remains to be determined.

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