Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An awesome run and 20 hours to go

I had the most magical run last night!

It was 4.08 miles of pure bliss, and I truly loved every minute of it! It made me feel strong and powerful and like maybe I can pull this half marathon off next weekend!

This morning, to reward myself (and use my card for the first time so I can get a free drink on my birthday next week), I went to Starbucks. You know the typical Starbucks workers, bustling and busy and crazy with energy? These ain't them. This location is filled with tired, lackluster, bored employees. Today when I walked in, there were THREE employees just standing around, one of which apparently was on break. So nice of her to just lounge around the shop.

I have precisely twenty hours left at this job, and I'm so excited...even if I still have an insane amount of crap still to be done. Twenty. Hours. I can do this.

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