Friday, March 8, 2013


Five things Friday? I can do that.

Here, in no particular order (thank you, Bob Saget, on AFHV), are the five things I might miss about my old job:

Hangin', walkin' and talkin' with this chick.

Knowing that I'm always being watched. I won't miss that. I will miss some of the people. And customers.

The stupid things people say, such as:
"mute" point
Johanna Scarletson

My position was commonly referred to as "enforcer." The fact that it was actually just another name for "debt collector" was lost on most.

I always knew who to talk to about races, paces, mud, color, foam, and running in general.

There are also things that I most definitely will NOT miss about that job. Here are five of those things:

Rude customers, co-workers, supervisors, supervisors' supervisors, and supervisors' supervisors' supervisors. Not to say that all of them were rude, but that I won't miss the rude (and flat-out mean) ones!

Being farted at.

Listening to co-workers complaints about supervisors and management. Even when I agree, it's just more negativity that brings me down.

Becoming more and more paranoid. About everything.

The green mile. Walking up and down that stretch of green carpet really got old, really quick.

I'm excited to start the new job. All the possibilities. Opportunities for growth. New people, challenges, experiences and perspectives. A fresh start.

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