Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The lion, the lingerie, and Mr. Darcy

I'm home from work today with a headache.

That makes me sound really weak. It's not just a headache. It's a stress/tension thing that makes me borderline nauseous. My head aches. My shoulders. My back. Sometimes it shoots here and there. Everywhere. Blech.

So while I'm trying to feel like a human, there are other things I'm doing. For example, I signed up for my fourth half marathon, the California Classic on May 19th in Fresno. I'm excited. I even worked out a schedule increasing my mileage by no more than 10% per week, and it's totally do-able. Like, baby steps do-able. Label me super psyched. I would jump up and down, but my brain might revolt at that. Not good.

I also tried to read my book ("Pride and Prejudice" on my kindle); I say "try" because when I flipped the switch, nothing happened. I even tried resetting the thing. Nothin'. So I was bumming around Pinterest (definitely a habit I need to cut back), and found some "headache" related things.

...Or maybe they're not so headache-related. Some of them I get. But the lingerie picture? What does that have to do...? Oh, forget it.

The little devil on the guy's head pointing to the guy's eye? Oh yeah, that's me most of the time.

The guy with ice crystals (or whatever) coming out of his forehead? Me again.

The lion? Strange. The spiky hair? I get it. The woman with the disconnected arm and her head is cut into slices? Okay. I don't think I'll ever understand the lion or the lingerie. I'm certainly not feeling THAT today.

Maybe my kindle is charged by now...

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