Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smelling the roses

That was really cool. Like, really really cool.

Yesterday as work ended and I walked to my car, I saw this most amazing sunset! I got a weird look from the security guard, but I had to take a picture, even if only to remind myself to take time to smell the roses.

Then I went home and (knowing that Tim wouldn't be home until late) I made a birthday card for our niece

So what do you think?

It was a semi-early-to-bed kind of night, in anticipation of running (or, in Tim's case, elliptical-ing) this morning.

I finally got to try out my Christmas hat with LED lights IN the hat. Very cool.

The actual run wasn't too shabby, either. I ran a lot, walked a little.

But overall, a great morning run that set me on my way for the day. February is going to be a great running month!

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