Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why my car?

I met up with a friend for a run at the park yesterday. The weather was great, the conversation was great, and the run was great. And then we returned to our parked cars to find mine blocked in by a cop car, and surrounded by three cops. There were plenty of open parking spots; hardly any other cars were there, just this big truck with a trailer selling bean burritos or something (okay, whatever).

As we approached my car, and I start to hyperventilate, one of the cops asked if this is my car. I said yes, why? What's wrong? He was all kinds of chill, and said he would move his car. He moved it into a parking spot right next to where they were standing. (Hello? Why not park there in the first place?)

It was a good three-and-a-half mile run, a change of pace and scenery, and it has made me look forward to my 11 miler tomorrow (next week is 12)!

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