Sunday, February 10, 2013


We started out yesterday (oops, I mean Friday) with no real outstanding plans. More of a rough sketch of what we wanted to do:
9:45 Leave house
10:15 Dentist appt
11:15 Meet up with friend for Home Show
1:00 Lunch
2:30 Home, to finish watching LOST (the entire series, finally)

It didn't exactly work out like that, though. My dentist appointment got out at about 11:00 (no cavities!), and the Home Show didn't start until noon, so we had more than 45 minutes to kill; plus, the friend couldn't make it to the Home Show yet.

We hit the road for Fresno, where we picked up our new glasses and had a yummy BBQ lunch. Then, we headed for the Home Show, and this time it was open and everyone was bustlin' around. Our friend still unable to join us, we started wandering anyway (which wound up being for the best, because our friend couldn't make it until after it was all over and done with).

We got some really yummy stuff: puffed popcorn without kernels and chocolate carmel apples.

We finished the night to the tune of the last episodes of "LOST"...finally, it's over. I was done a season and a half ago, but I have this obsessive need to finish stuff like that (not stuff like cleaning and organizing the closet; that's a different story altogether).

I know I'm extremely late to the game; still, I have some opinions and problems with that series. Did anyone else watch the entire series, or were we the only ones that wasted that much time in the COMPLETELY USELESS last two seasons?

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