Sunday, February 24, 2013

Four out of eleven: HORRIBLE!!

Well, that was just horrible. I ran a little less than two miles, per the Nike+ app (but I'm rounding up to at least two) before I started having cramps in my arches and Achilles, and had to go back home to change shoes.

See? I couldn't even made a decent "I feel like crap" face. I tried.

So I switched shoes and tried again. This time, I know the app was off by at least a half mile because I started and ended at two different places (in reality, both places were my front door).

So, my first time out today was "2.84" (ahem, I'm sticking with 3, and the second time was "0.93" (again, ahem, I'm going with 1.0). Total today was somewhere around 4.0, which is horrific when you consider what I had planned (and desperately need to do in order to prepare for the half) was 11 miles. Four out of eleven. Horrible.

Side note: I'm still looking for the running app that works best for me!! Nike+ ain't it.

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