Sunday, February 17, 2013

Color Me...starched

Yesterday was the Color Me Rad 5k in Bakersfield, and, per the over-eager instructions on the website and race director emails, we woke up at 6:00, and hit the road by 6:30.

We didn't get to the Kern County fairgrounds until 8:00 or so. As if we were hopping an international flight, we were directed to check in at least an hour or two before our 10:15 start wave. That was waaaaaay too excited.

They weren't even ready to check us in! They were barely breaking stuff out. Nobody knew which way was up. It's so frustrating that race directors have taken to freaking out newbies (the friends that we drove with).'s the "before," all white, clean, and ready to go get color-y. Even though we had already checked in and gotten our goody bag (which contained a t-shirt, a RAD tattoo, and you got to choose your sunglasses color), I hadn't yet seen the course, which made me nervous because it wasn't online either.

I'm not sure how or who took this picture...I'm fairly certain it wasn't me. This is basically what I breathed for probably at least an hour. No, wait. Definitely longer than that. The cornstarch started flying at 10:00; we didn't actually start running until 10:30 or 10:45, and didn't leave until 11:30 or so. Blech. It was like licking a pile of flour.

As far as the actual course...I was pissed! It was on very uneven pavement and dirt (which only made the run that much more dusty), and I brought the worst shoes possible for that kind of ground. Not only am I NOT used to it, but I was NOT expecting that, and I was wearing my minimalist road shoes with very little padding. NOT happy.

I definitely could've used more information. My feet hurt the entire rest of the day.

Y'know? At least I can say I did it. I've done a color run. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be; I wouldn't do it again; but I was there. Breathing the cornstarch made my chest and lungs ache, but I did it.

But overall, it was a fun experience.

And I'll never do it again.

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