Friday, February 1, 2013

One thing after another after another...

Please tell me you've had those weeks. Weeks where you honestly consider whether you need to be institutionalized. You think and act and look flat-out nuts. Well, here...

If a cluttered front seat is any indication of a cluttered mind, then it all started Monday morning. I could not focus, and by around 10 that morning, I already thought it was Tuesday (really not a good thing).

On Tuesday, even my supervisor noticed: "you're just having a bad day today!" Yes, yes I am.

The creme de la creme was yesterday. It was MY big fat idea to bring ice cream to share with my co-workers. I bought a Costco pack, which has two half gallons of heavenly frozen creamy dreamy sugary vanilla, and told everyone to bring a topping.

So yesterday, I got up for work. My husband (who maybe knows me a little too well) had already put the ice cream scooper by my bag, ready to go. Score. I put the scooper and my bag on the front seat in my car. Got my three morning beverages in the car and headed out the door.

I drove twenty minutes and wasn't far from work when I realized I had forgotten the crucial piece in the Thursday grub day puzzle...the ice cream. Both tubs were still in the freezer.

The scooper reminder didn't work.
The bowls on my front seat didn't jog my memory.
Evvery. Single. Reminder.
Did. Not. Work.

Fortunately, I had time (because I leave my house around 45 minutes before I need to every day); I quickly turned around, got the ice cream, and zoomed back to work. I even got there with a full ten minutes to spare (told ya I leave early)!

That was when I noticed something missing from my front seat: my lunch bag.

Fan-freaking-tastic. I tried to convince my Love to bring me lunch; it turned out he was unavailable, but suggested I drive to McD's down the street. Ah: a fantastic (although unhealthy) suggestion I hadn't considered. Sold.

So, after my morning break and snack (of ice cream), I drove to McD's, where I saw a big beautiful sign: SHAMROCK SHAKES are back for a limited time.

Me: "I'll have McNuggets and a LARGE Shamrock Shake, please."
McD: "Uhhhm...we don't have those."
Me: "Oh. Well then MAYBE you should take this big sign down that says ya DO!"
McD: "So what can I getcha?"

Grumble, grumble. Ugh. So I got the nugget meal, and ate them at my desk. All grumpy-like.

Hopefully, that's the end of my bad week. It wasn't even that "bad;" it was more "kind of a bummer."

How was your week?

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