Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day and my scrappy side

Memorial Day was the icing on the cake, if the preceding three days were indeed cake...and they definitely were. Filled with time together and apart; both times were very needed, appreciated, and thoroughly enjoyed.
We painted. Then we painted again. Aaaand again. Three colors, times two coats each. That's six coats more than I wanted to paint. But my sweetie was there, pushing me (kicking and screaming, sometimes), so it was okay.
So here's how it turned out, kind of an overview of the room as you enter it from the hub in the hallway. If you step a foot into the room and face the left, here's what you see (at least for right now, because we aren't finished yet): our new daybed (we need a cover and tons of fluffy, squishy pillows) and a couple (there will eventually be four) bookcases. I just hope that's enough to house all of our books.
Here's another overview...um...view:
And... (drumroll, please...), the piece de resistance, my... SCRAP AREA!! Yaaaaaaay! Isn't it lovely and gorgeous? Yes, I know you're jealous.
But it's mine, all mine. And I love it. Every inch. Every nook and cranny. Every strip of paper. Every little detail!
Just imagine all the things I'll create here!! My next project, I think...shall be an encore to my much-beloved (even if only by me) wedding scrapbook. I think I'll focus on our travels over the past almost seven years! Yes, and it shall be...probably pretty decent. Any other scrappy people out there in blog-land?

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