Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things

It's Thursday, and that means three things!
It feels like I haven't had a calm, cool weekend in a while now, and this weekend should be no different, with a Star Trek viewing, a baseball game, and the California Classic half marathon, I'm kinda worried, actually. It's pretty active for a run weekend. I still can't believe how fast May 19th just popped up!
My three things for today are my goals for this race. I'm not as trained as I would like to be (like I was for my first half, where I earned my PR of 2:22 (which I realize is small beans to some, but it was a great feat for me)).
My goals for this run: 1. Finish in 2:30 or less (who knows..."shoot for the moon, land among the stars," right?) 2. Finish in under 2:45. Please, oh please, let me reach this one. I'd seriously be happy okay with 2:44:59. 3. Have fun. Don't melt. Live and breathe. Survive. No emergency room visits. Enjoy the ride. See the animals. But no talking penguin. That'd be greeeeat, mmkay?
- - - - - Anyone else running this weekend, or anytime soon? Tell me about it! I'm dying to know!

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