Monday, May 13, 2013

Phone Dumper

My answer to Skinny Runner and her random phone dumps. That I had already written this morning, before my old app lost it, And I was forced to start all over. I love the random purging. On phones and in life, sometimes it's just necessary. Y'know?
We had a ton of fun Friday evening. As usual, everyone ate way too much, but still swore we'd do it again in a heartbeat. Classical conditioning isn't my thing, I guess.
Despite my best attempts, my services won't be required for addressing a friend's wedding invitations. (Note to self: learn calligraphy.)
I call this my "Lucy face," because it reminds me of my niece who always tweaks her face for pictures. Less pressure on always having a great smile. I love it.
I ran. I did run. I will run again. was so hot! And I don't even have a great excuse for wimping out. There aren't even any hills here. The entire loop around my neighborhood, the elevation changes a grand total of six feet. Total.
We went to lunch before seeing "The Great Gatsby" on Saturday. These are what Bravo Farms calls "nachos." They're more like eating a pound of cheese (white cheddar), with a chip here, and a bean there. Mostly, it's just cheese. I love cheese, but after that I was ready to not have cheese for a few... hours. - - - - - - - - - - Wish me luck: next weekend is the half!! ...And I'm kinda nervous!

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