Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend: Fri-Sun

This weekend was awesome! For starters, I came home after work on Thursday to this:
The top two-thirds of the scrap room upstairs was completely finished (which of course left the bottom third unpainted...more on that later). We had the most amazing, relaxing Thursday night; it was like it used to be, with no specific appointments or outings scheduled.
Oh wait, I take that back: somebody bought tickets to see "Star Trek Into Darkness" in IMAX 3D on Friday morning in Fresno. I thought going to Fresno for the second weekend in a row would be a hassle, but no. Totally worth it. The movie was awesome (for the second time)!
Gotta love my sweetie, though. Always gets everywhere early. Like, 10:30 for a 12:40 show. So we wandered, and found this bakery. Looked awesome, but actually, just kinda ho-hum.
After the movie, we went to my all-time favorite burger place (tip: the reason I love the place sooooo much, is for something other than the burgers), Eureka ! Burger. I got the Fresno fig burger, and loved every bite... until I got a few bites into the second half, and I stopped in my tracks, started sweating, and felt like I was gonna puke right there. I put the burger down, and (for me, this next part is amazing) didn't pick it up again. No idea what happened there, but I hate puking. Definitely didn't want to puke. No puke-y. But then, we went to Sam's Club to pick up a few random items, but fell in love with a daybed (as well as a mattress to go with it), so my ride home was a little cramped; but at least I didn't have to drive!
It wasn't so bad for the first half hour, but then my knee started killing me! It ws great to not have to work on Friday (I REALLY miss my four ten-hour days schedule!), but that meant that Saturday had to be back to work, but it was just home stuff; we didn't have to go anywhere, and there were no desks or paperwork involved.
Yaaaaaaay! We got up early and got started on the lower third of the upstairs wall, which we covered in two coats of "berry wine."
It was lookin' good, but needed to dry overnight. There was nothing left to do except...
Tutti Frutti. Smashed almond roca. And carmel. Yum!
Sunday, we taped and painted, this time a five-inch "chocolate swirl" stripe. We think it came out great!
See? Good stuff! I could tell you what happened on Monday, but that would be like opening presents on Thanksgiving: it just wouldn't be right.

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