Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pause for paws

My run this morning was a little... Haphazard? Disjointed? Uneven? I dunno. I hadn't even gone out the door, before my husband reminded me that our friend was coming over to drop off his doggy to stay for the day, so I had to stick close to home. Totally doable - there's a loop, and a park...I can see the house from there.
I ran literally just across the street before I ran into (and almost got clobbered by) this guy's dog, a purebred Alaskan Husky. This isn't the exact dog I saw, but it's close. The dog was GORGEOUS, and I couldn't stop "ooh"-ing and "aww"-ing over the dog. So pause...but I didn't pause my Garmin. Oops.
Halfway into my first loop, I saw a sign on a bench advertising an outdoor boot camp this summer, so I had to stop to check it out (no pause job the Garmin). A loop and a half later (0.6 miles total, at that point), and I saw my friend pull into the driveway. I ran to the house to make sure he got in okay, and again didn't pause my Garmin. We talked. No pause. When I started running again, I crossed paths with Mr. Husky, whose dog had spotted me and gotten all excited, ran around a picnic table, and I tried to help the guy untangle them by sort of corralling the dog (pause my Garmin? Didn't even cross my mind; I'll never learn!).
This dog needs to be named "Tigger;" it's very fitting. So I did just over a mile in about ten minutes, but you know, with all those un-paused pauses, I think that's okay.

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