Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3.1 in 32

i ran again, yay, good for me, right? yeah, okay, anyway...on to other things.

i really believe in the power of positive thinking, so today while i ran, i thought of some of the reasons i enjoy running, or at least the effects of running. here they are, in no particular order:

i love to feel myself breathing (and it really is different) after a run. it makes me feel strong, and so truly alive. in my heart. it's the best feeling ever!

i love being productive, and actually transporting myself from one place to another - running from one place to another - is magical. it's a great natural high.

i love the way my legs, arms, - everything! - i love the way my whole body feels after a run. the day after a great run makes me crave running.

I love that running gives me time to myself, to escape almost everything (except for the heat, naturally... I'm not a big fan of temperatures above 70°).

running lets me decide exactly what I want to do. do i want to run today? how far do i want to run? where do i want to run? how fast do i want to run? it's not like every (or really any) facet of my life is controlled or predetermined, but it's refreshing to have something that is up to me, and me alone, no one else.

i don't have to answer to anyone for my running. if i don't run, i've only let myself down.

i could get used to this running-5-to-6-days-a-week thing. unless, of course, it's warmer than 70° outside.

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