Tuesday, September 13, 2011

praise the lord!

well, i thought it was kinda funny. when i walked in to the cardio room tonight, the tv was on, but i hardly ever pay attention to what's on. so this guy (let's call him "dude") walked in, saw what was on, and grabbed the remote so that he could turn the second tv on to something a little more palatable.

it was only then that i realized what was on. it was a holy roller, hellfire-and-brimstone televangelist show. if chevy chase popped on the screen, i would have been more than interested. he didn't,  so i told dude not to worry, that i wasn't watching tv, he can change the channel. which he did. to the newlywed game on one screen, and law & order svu on the other. okay, to each his own.

and i turned up lady gaga a little louder. okay, a lot louder.

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