Sunday, September 4, 2011

my plan

i mentioned that i follow some mom runner blogs. i am not, as of yet, one of those with children. however, in the next year or two, i plan on that. for now, my plan (barring unforeseen things like buying a house and moving into it, or taking vacation) is to run at least five days a week, working up to five (or six?) miles per day, so round about 25 miles every week.

so, in order to keep myself motivated, i will track my paths, note my mileage per week and per year, my races run, and my pace. in addition, i would love to take one picture at some point during each run, something memorable about the run, or something i stepped in or... i don't know. something fun. 

also, i love the alliteration days on other people's blogs, so i think i'll try "one-thing wednesday," where i'll take a picture, maybe add a word, but that's it. or maybe just a picture. or just a word. see where it goes from here.

i am determined that this running-and-blogging thing will not get in my way, will not weigh me down, will not become a burden - just icing on the cake. i don't have to prove to anyone else that i ran, just me. i'm not racing against anyone else, just myself.

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