Saturday, September 3, 2011

the inspiration

i've started following a few mom runner blogs, and they have helped me want to run. but i haven't run in almost two weeks, because of vacation. and heat. and to be honest, i'm not sure how much or how often i will be able to run in the next couple of months, because we are moving. all the same, i wanted to have an excuse to continue running. our new house is literally right across the street from a huge park and running trails. plus, the weather should be starting to cool down, even if it's just a little, so i was going to give my 30-day cancellation notice at the gym in the next week or so.

at least we always walk a lot while we are on vacation (it sometimes balances out our overeating). yesterday, for example, i would estimate at least five miles, up and down and across the strip, through the casinos, etc., etc., etc.

one stop we made was the adidas store, and i wanted to get running shoes (honestly, anywhere we went that had running shoes, made me want to buy running shoes and start running, but then i would remember that we are in vegas in the middle of summer, and i would most likely pass out within a block or two, given the extreme heat). sketchers. adidas. nike. famous footwear. big 5. they were all over the place. and so i took a picture. my goal: new running shoes.

i want to keep track of my mileage, weight loss, inspiration, perspiration... all that good stuff. reasons to run, un/acceptable excuses not to run, things to remind myself of when i don't feel like running. my favorite running clothes. races. good days. bad days. equipment i like, or don't like.

so here it begins.

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