Friday, September 23, 2011


i was kind of embarrassed this past week when a coworker on this trip, a guy who is new to running, out-ran me. yeah, i'm itching to get back out on the road, to see something other than four walls when i run, but it's still really hot, even in the mornings (maybe I'm a little heat-sensitive since about february, but 80° is hot, 70° is too). i'm really liking forward to fall (ahem, i mean "winter") weather, so I won't feel like puking after a run.

so i said i was embarrassed, and there's nothing quite like that feeling to motivate me. maybe i'm a horse of a different color, but shame motivates me. i strive to be better than the next person, our at least to do as well as i've done in the past.

this morning, it was on! admittedly, i walked a little at the very beginning, just to warm (my legs) up a bit, then i finished my 5k-on-the-treadmill loop in just over 30 or 31 minutes. but the amazing thing? i ran the whole way, without walking at all. plus, i'm determined to sign up and train for a 5- or 10k soon, then work my way up to a half before spring hits next year (note: before spring hits).

now, to find the absolutely perfect half to sign up for. and a 5 our 10k for in the meantime, so I have a reason to train, an excuse to run.

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