Monday, September 12, 2011

it's starting already...

i didn't hit the gym at all today, because i was so incredible tired. i only got four hours of sleep last night, because i just wasn't tired. dumb excuse, i know. and then i've also been really hungry recently. what's up with that?

now, i am in bed, surfing and shopping for apps and home accessories, trying to take my mind off of all of the upcoming excitement. the house appraisal report thing  later this week. the child support conference next week. tim in sacramento the week after that. then closing on the house, spending our first night in there with a pile of blankets and snowball, the chosen doggy. then packing everything and moving. and my mom coming to help us pack and maybe even unpack.

yeah. so i didn't run tonight. i will not skip running tomorrow, though. mondays can be rough, but i have done it before. i know that hard work pays off. and to look so much better in a skirt, or a sleeveless top? such a great feeling. like i don't care what i eat...which is probably, no, definitely how i came to look this way yet again. not chunky, but i have looked better. without a doubt.

tomorrow, i run. don't even try to stop me.

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