Friday, September 9, 2011


i ran this morn... wait. it was technically afternoon. technically.

anyway, i decided to try something a little different. instead of the manual, 6.0 to 7.0 pace, i set set the treadmill to "alpine pass" with max speed 6.5 mph. it was interesting. i only went 1.75 miles, but then i climbed stairs for a (very short) while.

today was sad, though, because i canceled my gym membership. the girl looked at me kinda funny, so I told her: we're moving, probably the end of his month, to tulare. she understood, had me sign the paperwork, gave me the paper to show that my membership is canceled, but i still have access through the end of the month.

i just hope i can find a good replacement treadmill sometime soon, for a good price. heaven knows we have room for it now! and i know i will use it. i even have plans to use it when babies are on the way. other women do it, so can i, right?

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