Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 and 2012

In 2011, I did more races than I did in 2010. It's not hard to top zero.  So my goals (not to be confused with resolutions, which are just stupid) for this year, 2012, are as follows:

Definitely get faster. Especially in my shorter-distance runs. Maybe try to cut down my 5k time even more. Do I have 25 minutes in me? Possibly...!

Obviously increase endurance as well. Build up to double digit mile long runs on the weekends. And don't feel like I'm gonna die. That would be nice.

Run half marathon in March. Look into full, if all things go as planned with the half.  As in, I have fun doing the half, and sign up for a full in my high-on-life haze that's sure to follow completion of a half.

Participate in more races. Even if it's just a 5k. Or maybe I should try the volunteer thing once or twice, since race fees are pretty low on the priority list these days. I would love to average one race per month, but given our current finances...um...no. Not going to happen.

Do another run out of state. Or at least out of my Sac and Fresno comfort zones. LA perhaps...?

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