Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seven miles

Technically, last week was five miles (which I did), but next week is eight; so I decided instead of jumping up two miles in one week, I'd jump one and a half, two weeks in a row. So today I did a little over six and a half in a like over an hour. Next weekend, going to be  little more than busy. Lunch with PJ on Saturday, T's party Saturday night, and Sunday head back early for eight miles. Yikes.

But at least I did what I was supposed to do today. Even if I just felt like staying in bed. I did it. Isn't that the real battle, anyway? "A journey of a thousand miles behind with putting on your running clothes and stepping out your front door," right? It's something like that.

And my half marathon journey begins (or continues) like this. And I think I'm in for an adventure. A journey. 13.1 thousand miles.

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