Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Let's go with three positives and three negatives:

YAY! I had a great night in with Steve and Cory! And they seemed to like the salmon sandwiches and sweet potato fries I made!

BOO! This Thursday night was without my sweetie. 

YAY! At least he gets to pick me up from the train station tomorrow afternoon!

BOO! It's 10:40 pm and I haven't even packed yet, which means a late night and an early morning. I hate not having enough sleep.

YAY! Par-tay for T's 14th birthday this weekend!

BOO! It's in my parents' basement, and a lot of people will be there that I either don't like or don't know (but probably if I knew them, I wouldn't like them).

YAY! (I have to leave on a high note:) I get to run hills and dales with my sweetie tomorrow all around my parents' neighborhood (and I've heard it said that hill work IS speedwork)!