Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slow morning

My sleep schedule has been seriously messed up over the past...well, almost a month. It all started on December 13th at about 8:30 or so at night.

Anyway. I have had trouble falling asleep since then. Even when I'm super tired, I can't sleep. It sucks. This week, though, I've slept right through multiple alarms. Today was the same story, but my loving husband kicked me to tell me my alarm was going off.

It might be a little duh, but I felt more than a little sluggish running this morning. I did 2.5 miles before I met my hubby for another mile (he's just starting to take an interest in running), for a total of 3.5, even though my training plan called for five miles. Oops. I'll get it tomorrow.

Totally exciting, though. After I was done with my extra mile, where I ended at the house, SOMEONE didn't stop! How great is that? He said he just wanted to keep going, he felt great this time, since his ears and hands weren't frozen. I estimate he did a total of...maybe 1.5 miles. Give or take. Total score for him. I'm so proud! Maybe he'll join me again tomorrow...?

I could definitely get used to this ruining partner deal here. Very cool.

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