Friday, January 20, 2012

I wasn't tagged, but...

Yeah, yeah. I'm a thief. Stealing ideas and blog prompts. Whatever. Here goes. First, the questions, then the random things.

Q: What's the last thing I took a picture of?
A: Snowball in the back seat of Goldie last weekend when we went to pick up a pizza.

Q: What made me decide to write my blog?
A: Motivation. I wanted to be held accountable to myself, and to have a record of my distances and how I felt, challenges, barriers, words of encouragement, and everything in between.

Q: If I had to listen to one song on repeat the rest of my life...?
A: I might have to kill myself. There's nothing I would like for that long. Nothing.

Q: One item on my bucket list?
A: Kids.

Q: If I could be on any tv show...?
A: If we're talking reality show where I'm myself, then "The Amazing Race." If we're talking changing my life to a sitcom, then "Gilmore Girls."

Q: Start my own race, what distance would it be?
A: I think my favorite distance is 10k. So far, anyway. We shall see how the half goes.

Q: What would I name the race?
A: (These are getting to be some pretty lame questions.) Umm... 10k on a Tuesday, because alteration is always funny, and when are runs ever held on a random Tuesday? Like, never.

Q: If I had to live an alternate-food lifestyle...?
A: I don't think I could go a week, much less a month or longer without meat, sugar, fish, or anything processed. Instead of taking something away, why not add a while bunch of veggies to my diet? I would do that. Fruit. Veggies. There you go.

Q: If I had to train with just one person for an entire training cycle...?
A: Might be pretty cool to train for something - even a 5k - with Xander. That would be fun. Y' know, if he could come back to life for a while.

Now, I think I can think of maybe ten random things. Here...

I will eat almost anything, at least once. I've eaten some crazy sea creatures, and some stuff from my recent jaunt to N'awlins. Nothing too crazy, but enough to say, "yeah, I ate that."

I freak out. Very obsessive-compulsive and anxious. Almost all the time. I've ditched some habits, but picked up new ones over the years. I think of some of these habits as a prison I put myself in, and that motivates me to try to escape, but I'm not always successful. Sad.

I love to read, but haven't done much reading recently. I'm not sure why, but I just don't feel like it. I don't even know what kind of reading material sounds good.

I'm often nervous when it comes to meeting up with my family for certain activities. Such as an upcoming trip with my brother. Very anxious about that. Worried about what we'll talk about and how soon we will find disagreements. Also nervous about staying in the same hotel room.

I think I should eat more protein. I was eating a ton of Greek yogurt, but I kinda got burnt out, and haven't eaten it in a month or more. What else has tons of protein?

I used to think I was super lucky to never have experienced any type of familial loss until my grandma died just before I turned 25. Now, just five short years later, I've also lost my grandpa and little brother. Not feelin' so lucky now!

I don't have kids yet, but they'll be in the works in the near future, and despite what everyone says, I do not think I will ever want to stay home with them full time. Maybe part-time. I think getting out of the house and being constructive will make me a better, more patient mom for them. I say this like I have kids. Funny how I talk about future kids.

I'm so excited that RAD has come to my neck o' the woods recently. It makes living here not quite as unbearable. Especially in the mornings, on my drive to work.

I've lived all over, and people always ask about the places I lived. "Did you like it there?" But I can think of some great aspects of each of the places we've lived. I can think of negative things about each place, too, but that's life, right? As Sirius says, "the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters." Nothing is pure black or pure white, right? The works is shades of grey.

I'm probably the only person who is looking forward to seeing "The Beaver" on DVD. I seriously can't wait. Yes, I'm that lame.

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