Sunday, April 8, 2012

The beginning of the longest season

I've lacked motivation since I finished my first half on March 11th. The thing is, it's that off time of year when it's too cold in the mornings and too hot in the evenings. So I lost motivation.

Fortunately, it's warming up (someone please cut out my tongue!), and I can start running before work every day now. My big plan is to run five miles (or an hour, whichever comes last) Tuesday through Thursday, plus Saturday, and a longer run on Sunday. This is my plan for every week, at least for now. And it all starts Tuesday morning.

I look forward to some amazing sights, maybe even the beginnings of sunrises!

Even though I haven't run as much lately, I have gotten in a few runs here and there, along with two great 15-or-so-mile biking loops around town with my main man. Very fun.

And when I do run, I feel great. I go easy on myself, being carefully to not burn out too quickly, and take time to smell the roses.

Like, for example, these plants that are all around our neighborhood. So cool. I'm trying to make a point of finding new and different things; last week I nearly tripped over or squished some uncooked escargot (snails) every few steps.

So here it is. Cheers to a new week. A new beginning. A new resolve to do what I say I'm going to do: wake up and run. Because I don't want to start all over again every time.

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