Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wahoo! I did it!

I did it. Again. I woke up and ran today. This morning, when my alarm rang at 4:30, I sat up (okay, a little slowly, half-heartedly), got dressed, and ran.

Two and a half miles was okay, but how great would it be to run five miles before, and five miles after work? Ten miles a day? Hello! That would be so awesome. Maybe a new goal had just been set.

It was already a nice temperature (mid-50s?) when my feet hit pavement so early, but I was rewarded with a great moon as I finished my lap.

What else is there to see when it's pitch black, and you're trying to keep going, not looking at your cell phone...? I swear, I'll find something else tomorrow morning, when my alarm goes off at 4:15!

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