Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yay for the weekend!

So much stuff planned for this weekend! In order of excitement, building to a crescendo:

7: Re-arrange the master closet, so that I have MY corner, and he has his.

6: Running! This is still exciting, but not quite as exciting as the other things happening this weekend.

5: Bike ride tomorrow morning with Mr Man, and an old co-worker of mine, who's a co-worker of Mr Man's now (he hired her).

4: Roku! We got a great deal on woot the other day, and guess where it's going? The room I use upstairs! I have big plans for that thing.

3: Take-out dinner from Strings tonight, for our Thursday night date night. I've been soooo craving their lasagna in a puff pastry! Yum!

And a tie for #1:
1: Cruising around Fresno with our two best friends! Big plans to hit the apple store, Sam's Club, and Whole Paycheck (and we'll likely eat somewhere, too).

1: 1964, a Beatles tribute band, is playing in Fresno this weekend, and I won tickets from a radio station I listen to. Just driving home last night, it was a commercial, and I called the number. Easy as that, I got 'em.

I'll definitely take tons of pictures to document all of the fun festivities!

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