Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fresno day out!

Nothing quite measures up to a day that starts picking up your besties, talking all the way to the Nordstrom Rack in Fresno, where you find some much-needed summer clothing for cheap.

Then, you go to lunch. At the best BBQ place ever. And you have the best, spiciest lunch ever.

And you get flipped off by one of said besties. All in good fun: I took their picture without permission anyway. Ah well...that was just the beginning.

After lunch, it was Sam's Club, where I found this great reminder that I still haven't seen some pretty "classic" movies. And if they star Jack Nicholson, I must see.

Someone might have begun to think I was just trying to take a picture of his butt. Sorry, no. Just because he usually straggles along with me, does not mean I'm trying to capture your butt on film.

Shopping concluded at Trader Joe's, and I am so excited for the things on our menu this week, because of this place.

Eggplant. Heirloom tomatoes. Vino. Dried mango, sans sugar. I need to do some serious soul-searching in regards to my snacking the past few weeks. Hellooo, overboard!

What are your favorite not-so-guilty, go-to snacks? I think I may have overdosed on whole, raw almonds. Oh, but they are sooo good!

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