Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heeeeere's SUMMER!

Blech. Last weekend was rain and hail, with cool temperatures. People even wore jackets and coats and hoodies! This weekend was a litItle different, though: highs in the upper 80s, high humidity. Record highs. Weather warnings, even. Craziness.

I run past this park a lot, but today it was still a little flooded from the storms last weekend.

It was super hot today, even though I got out of bed way before I wanted to this morning. I got up just so I could run when it would be cooler than the afternoon, but even so, by mile two, sweat started pouring down my face and (because I forgot my visor) into my eyes. I hate that stinging sensation when sweat gets in my eyes.

So, in order to help remedy my painful situation, I slowed, and eventually walked. Not because I was sore or tired. Not because I was hurt. No. I was afraid that I would puke, and maybe even pass out, given my state of exhaustion in the heat. I'd rather slow down, even walk, rather than get hurt, someone calls an ambulance, whatever.

Still, I hung my head in shame, knowing that walking was NOT what I'd set out to do. And I looked at my shoes. My lovely, beautiful Brooks Pure Connect RUNNING shoes. My mom did not give those to me for my birthday for me to walk around in them. So I started running again, only stopping for traffic lights (I know, I'm such a kill-joy, living by the rules).

There's only one thing to do after a boiling hot run where you think you might die like today: watch The Hangover and drink coffee. Yes, I am just that kind of crazy. Run. Shower. Coffee. Movie. With the doggy, of course.

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