Saturday, May 12, 2012

6 in 2

Life is learning, right? It's a constant battle. You live, learn, alter course, change priorities, learn some more, change, grow, learn... It never ends. The joys and frustrations.

In the Central Valley, winters are short, fall and spring kind of merge together, and that's what the locals call "winter." There's no snow, except in the mountains (which, by definition, is no longer the valley). And summer comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. And I'm trying to match it, by getting used to the heat quick. Easier said than done, when one weekend is rainy and mid-60s, and the next is sunny and mid-80s.

Yesterday, I did three miles, averaging somewhere close to 9:30 miles. But today, I felt good. Especially after my break after the first mile or so, when I paused to let my body regain control of its core temperature. I started running again, and my garmin beeped its you're-going-too-fast beep. So I glanced down, and saw my pace was 8:49. It felt good, so I kept going. Watch beeped again, but this time it was 8: 30. I still felt good, and kept going. Again with the beep: 8:14. This was getting ridiculous. Once more, it beeped: 7:59. There must be something wrong with this thing, there is no way. But it was. I really ran that fast.

I couldn't keep going at that pace forever, so I decided to call it a "speed run," as if I was intentionally focusing on my speed. (That's how it works, right?) But it made me think, this may not be such a bad idea. This could work as a way to get used to the heat this summer. Run, walk, run. Get faster, build endurance. Makes sense to me.

I did six miles in two days. Not a great feat for some runners, but for me, in this heat? A big deal. I'll take it. And do three more miles tomorrow! Bring. It. On.

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