Sunday, May 27, 2012


When I saw my doctor on Friday, he asked if I meditate; I said yes, but not in the traditional sense. I run. That is my time for thinking. That is my ME time. My time to work out all of my daily problems.

He asked because I told him my stress had been off the charts this past month or so. We talked about how lack of sleep affects SO MANY things in a person's daily life.

But, as usual, his question made me think (because I'm pretty introspective by nature). About a whole lot of things, but mostly about what it means to meditate. Maybe my "not in the traditional sense" answer was a little broad. I think a lot of people meditate in un-traditional ways.

Maybe that is evidence of my desperate need to run, that I've been craving alone time. Time to think, ponder. Time to relax and enjoy the peace and silence and stillness. To be myself, by myself.

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