Monday, May 7, 2012

Go deep!

Maybe this is a little deep for a Monday evening, but it (along with a lot of other things) has been on my mind, whirlin' around, gaining steam and it just seems like it won't give up. So, what do you think:

Mr. Man washed the dog this weekend, and I dried the dog. Because we do not have a huge master bathroom shower (or maybe it wouldn't matter if we did have a larger shower option, I don't know), the area where he washes him is small, and he likes it because the dog can't wander too far. At the same time, MM understands that the bathing experience is not enjoyable in the slightest for our geriatric pooch, so he supports him, almost locks him in place. And thus, he is washed.

When I get the furry dog, I take him out of the towel and let him wander more or less "free," but with rough boundaries (i.e. wherever my hair dryer can reach is fair game). If the dog moves to that corner, I blow dry the part that's still exposed; when he switches corners, same thing. I get what I can get, when and however I can get it. A spoonful of sugar, right?

As I'm in the bathroom, thinking about our different styles of grooming this creature, just minding his business, but going through life kind of at our whim, I thought about my job, and the myriad of personalities of people that are employed there.

Take supervisors, for example. Some of them allow a great deal of freedom, but sometimes it ends us burning them, when a manager asks, "why weren't you on top of your employees about that?" There could be a number of legitimate reasons why a supervisor wouldn't want to nag someone about every little thing. Why keep them on a short leash, since some of the best learning comes from errors, or ideas that didn't end up working out?

Other supervisors DO nag their employees, asking them every day or week, "what's the status?" If employees constantly search for status updates, it's not exactly a great use of time. Not exactly cost effective.

Some employees need the nagging, that consistent "what's the status" request. They like it, they crave it. In more than just the work environment.

But what's the right answer? I think, after considering it for a while: it depends. On the situation. On the employee. On the dog. And for our dog, both things work, Mr Man with his close quarters and me, with my "go as far as my blow dryer chord can reach."

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