Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In 3... 2...

Countdown to Project 90 has begun! In preparation for this month-long goal, I have:
Slept in
Eaten crappy junk food
Stayed up late
Not run longer than three miles

I'd say I'm in good shape. I totally got this. It's in the bag, baby! Seriously, though. Now that my sleeping schedule is more or less under control now, I feel much less drowsy in the mornings, and much more willing to actually get up to run. I know I CAN do it. I'm just wondering how much life will get in the way. I'm prepared to work hard, knowing that I will definitely thank myself all summer.

Then, getting knocked up this winter might not feel so horrible. Hopefully.

90 miles in 30 days! Who's with me, anyone? C'mon... I dare ya to comment! Even if it isn't running! Crochet for 30 days. Eat. Rob liquor stores. Whatever! Join me (I'll be doing the running thing though)! What will YOU be doing for the thirty days of June?

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