Friday, May 4, 2012

The long and short of it

Today was a long day. And a short day. It's complicated. I woke up earlier than I wanted to - earlier than I normally would on a Friday morning - so that I could take Lady to the groomers.

See, she's kind of a skanky, smelly, messy, mangy bitch (literally and figuratively, thank you). So we decided to avoid having her explode all over the house during the summer (because she is wont to do that). So I dropped her off, and the guy says to come pick her up in an hour and a half.

Wait, seriously? You wanted me to come back to retrieve her? Dang it. I am not a fan of that dog (as you might be able to tell from the above description). Reluctantly, I agreed, and even gave them my real phone number.

This lovely creature is what I picked up, and am glad to call mine (even if she's still a crazy bitch). I'm so excited to not have to deal with all of her crazy hair this summer!

The rest of my morning was filled with something I have been dreaming about, longing for, lusting after...all this week: S.L.E.E.P. I napped until a little after 1pm. I needed that sleep.

Then, it was off to the outlet mall (a very quick, less than five minute drive), and the soon-to-close Bali-Playtex-Hanes store, where we spent too much money, but couldn't resist because there were some super awesome deals. I ended up getting a sport bra and two tech running shirts. Total score.

Then I wandered to another store, and found these, that made me laugh. Hot. Pink. Duck boots. Wow. No wonder they were on sale.

And then...blech. My least favorite place in the whole wide world: the hardware store. True to form, I asked a worker for help, and it took three other guys to find it. FYI: don't look for floor cleaner in this place. Not only will they ask you a million questions (what kind of floor? what brand of wet vac? what kind of cleaning do you want to do with the cleaner?), but then you get absolutely no explanation why all of their floor cleaners shouldn't be in the same place (my guess: because it would make sense!).

Blah, blah. I hate hardware stores.

Mr. Man got to drool over a new 80" flat screen he saw advertised online, and was very excited... no, more like "giddy" that it would fit on our existing tv stand. Exciting. I know. It's a tv.

I get to run tomorrow morning, then it's alone time for me, and hunting international terrorists (007 video game from Blockbuster) for Mr. Man. Oh, and maybe spending a little more money for me.

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