Sunday, May 6, 2012

SOS: short weekend

It was the same old stuff this weekend: cleaning, cooking, running, watching movies, playing video games, watching tv, and computing. Oh yeah, and dreading the Monday morning alarm clock that always rings way too early.

But tonight, things are different: I'm actually excited to hear my cell phone buzz at 4:15. I'm excited to get up and run. To use energy so that I have more of it throughout the day (doesn't make sense, but it's true)! Everything is laid out, ready to go. I'm ready to JUMP out of bed when that alarm goes off; I'm ready to run out the door for at least a few miles before work.

Which means tonight, I have to sleep. But tomorrow: a recap of the crazy things I saw this weekend. Teaser: "friends don't let friends drink and bike."

What did you do this weekend? Did you see or do anything crazy? or fun? (or crazy fun)?

What time does your alarm wake you up?

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