Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it Thursday yet?

I like working. I enjoy being busy. But like anyone else who has a job, there are times when I find said job a little on the tedious... monotonous... boring side. Today was one of those days. At one point this afternoon, I found myself not as productive as I should have been, and I decided I needed a mental break, so I walked outside to my car.

Hm. Still bored out of my mind. At least it wasn't too hot. Yet. I fiddled with my phone for a while, but quickly found an excuse to go back in the building when someone threatened to invade my solitude I so much enjoy.

Towards 4:00 or so (with 90 minutes left in my work day), Mr. Man and I commiserated a little bit, and agreed that the prescription for a day like today (for both of us) was dinner out!

Yum. I heart Firkin.

Oh, and one more thing from today, for HRG:

This is banana perfection. Just for reference. All y'all agree with me, right? Anything older than this is gross and eww...smelly. Blech.