Monday, May 14, 2012

It was real.

This happy face is merely a deception. A fake. A phony. A fraud. (Except that I was happy to be with my sweetie.)

Overall, it was an okay ride, great to get out in the world, free as birds as smell the fresh...cow poo. Blech. And it was just as I was starting to get into the whole feeling of it all.

It's just that I wasn't really feeling it. I felt sluggish, lackluster, unwilling. My legs wouldn't go as fast as they normally do.

Kids: eat right. I've been on a steady diet of strawberries and whatever else I can find that mighty be good with them (including but not limited to fat free CoolWhip, mangoes, chocolate chips and ricotta cheese, or cottage cheese. I'm a little obsessive.

But I think that is the reason my legs didnt want to work: "variety is the spice of life," "man was not meant to live on bread alone." Lesson learned.

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