Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm excited!

I'm excited because while it's already summer around these parts, I know that I can reach 50 miles this month. Here's my thinking:

I'm due to re-up my RAD membership (a radio talk show website where you can download all of their segments online), but the bad news is that their prices increased. A year-long membership now costs $60.

There's also a half marathon in Fresno (and Clovis) in November. Signing up for either one (because they take place the same day, how dumb) costs somewhere around - you guessed it - $60.

My preference? I'd rather put off getting the membership this month, but get it next month instead. This is B.I.G. for me, because I'm totally obsessed with that radio show. BIG.

I love signing up for a new race: the excitement, the training plans, the new outfits, the new location and sights... It's magical. I realize I'm a huge dork, by the way.

Then again, maybe I should sign up for another (sooner) race. Or both. Whatever. Because obviously, money isn't an issue in my world. Riiiiiight.

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