Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy: alone, treats, pity faces, FFY, healthy freebies, button bobbies, and Oktober

This week has been so busy! And last weekend. And October? It's gonna fly. Then it's on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's.




I started coming home to an empty house earlier this week when my hubby had to go out of town for work.

A friend at work treated me to a chocolate-covered peanut butter Ritz cracker. Very yummy.

To avoid feeling lonely without my main squeeze, I went out to dinner (and froyo) with some besties, and made fun of Dr. Drew's "pity face."

As a celebration for the end of the federal fiscal year, I made these things (FAIL) to take to work. Crescent rolls + marshmallows + cinnamon + chocolate chips. Don't bother trying them. I know I won't make them again.

The marshmallow ended up kinda sorta exploded out of the rolls, which made a yummy treat for me, especially the crispy parts. The gooey part? Not my thing. Just tasted sticky.

Yesterday was the one out-of-the-office fun day that happens once a year: Health Fair! I had a great time learning about some of the health club deals (none of which are near where I live, wah wah) and picking up some freebies (wahoo for teeny tiny boxes of raisins!), then talking to a coworker friend. All in all, a great morning.

Followed by the longest afternoon in recorded history, because nobody was at work, and because it was Friday (/Thursday...whatever; it was the last day of my work week).

Oh yeah, and because I've become completely and totally addicted to Pinterest, I decided to make this. I found a bag o' buttons at Hobby Lobby, and glued a couple to a couple of bobby pins. Personally, I love the look, and I'm thrilled with the results. Next up: making bows to glue on bobby pins or clips.

Highlight of my week: yesterday, on my way home from work, listening to my favorite radio station, I called when they started promoting a giveaway, and as it turned out, I won! Woohoo! A four-pack of tickets to Oktoberfest at Mooney Grove Park...happening tonight!

I'm so excited! My love comes home tonight, and we're going to take our besties (the same guys I went to dinner with). Sooo fun!

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