Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy, sweaty, trashy and clean

Today's run was a little... Not what I wanted or expected it to be. I wasn't feeling the distance, so I turned it into a hill repeat deal. But that workout turned into something really cool. Tomorrow, I'm going the distance.

See? Happy. Sweaty. Happy to be sweaty. And then, when sweaty started turning into blurry vision (because sweat kept dripping into my eyes), it became not so happy. Blech. I didn't mean to, but I guess I followed through with that Hungry Runner Girl request.

Aaaand, thanks to The Boring Runner, I learned a lesson: no crossing when the crosswalk light says no crossing. I was tempted, but I really don't want that ticket.

I went home and cleaned the TV room, the bathroom, and parts of the closet, sort of. It always takes me so long to clean, and it is always so draining for me. Blech.

Tonight ended with a couple of episodes of "Lost," some Reese's ice cream bars, and some cuddling. Now, the man of the house is playing a video game while I veg to the sound of trashy (but completely clean) soap opera TV. We both needed it. It was a long day. And tomorrow should prove the same.

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