Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oktober Pride with my three amigos

Today was amazing!

...because we headed out for Oktoberfest at Mooney Grove as soon as doors (or gates, whatever) opened, 1:00.

Got some fun pictures of our friends..

And some fun pictures of us...

And once we were all (except for the dd) sufficiently umm...
Delightfully shnockered?
So smashed we couldn't see straight!

We headed over to family day, which is apparently what Gay Visalia calls their Pride gathering. Or, at least one of them. I'd never been to either event before, but they were both fun, made infinitely moreso by the company we kept.

All of us! The three amigos, plus the girl. Trust me: they love me, every single one of them, not just the one with the legal obligation to love, honor, and obey me.

One of the amigos is kind of a ham...

And then, we had an evening filled with regrets. First, it was "SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN," starring uber-hottie (read: meth-head skank) Kristen Stewart. Everyone started ignoring it and playing on their phones less than a half hour in. FAIL.

The next movie (my pick) was "WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING." Again, not very good. There was the unintended side effect of playing to my baby-desires (eventually, not quite yet). It lacked that crucial element that usually drives the action of a movie, the plot).

So, I need help. I'm back in my movie funk, and I need some tips for what to watch next. Make it something umm... good. Yeah. And, if it's possible, can it not star Kristen Wiig or Elizabeth Banks, that'd be great.

Help me here! A big "woot woot" to someone with a suggestion. Of any kind. Please.

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