Monday, September 24, 2012

Slit-your-wrists fantastic

Every time I go to a video rental place, I get blocked. I never know what to get, and often what I do get ends up being slit-your-wrists fantastic, as in...

The Reader (in which "Rose" from "Titanic" can't read, so she has sex with a young Nazi, then kills herself at the end).

Revolutionary Road (in which "Rose" from Titanic, now married to "Jack," also from "Titanic," kills herself in the end because Jack refuses to move to Paris or something).

Precious, where an overweight teenage girl, who has coincidentally been physically, mentally, and sexually abused, finds hope in the form of... (wait for it:) Mariah. Carey. Yup, the singer. As a social worker.

The Good Girl. "Rachel" from "Friends" can't get pregnant by her husband ("Dewey Cox") because he smokes too much pot, so she decides to go for the underage pretty boy who may or may not have grown up inside a bubble. Then pretty boy kills himself.

I rest my case. I have horrible taste in movies. That might be the case with this one, which looked very tempting...

Anna Paquin is awesome! I loved her in "Almost Famous," (which is one of my favorites that does NOT involve suicide in any of the story lines. At least, not successful... not intentional suicide.

If someone were to look at my movie selection over the past few years, they might think I'm depressed. Or suicidal. Or both.

I'm neither.

I might fantasize about alphabetizing the shelves at my video rental place, maybe singing the alphabet song with the employees of the place...

Oh well. I got "The Hunger Games" (I've seen it, I think it's stupid, and it was most definitely NOT my choice) and "What to Expect When You're Expecting" (fuel for the baby fire; don't worry, I'm definitely NOT pregnant).

Saved by "Lost." Curse JJ Abrams and his cliffhanger endings! And by the way...Charlie's plot line? Yawn. I am soooo bored with him. Let's see more Claire flashbacks!

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