Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend recap

This weekend was great! Even though I spent a good portion of it cleaning and organizing (things I usually can't stand), I had a great three days off. I'm not complaining at all.

Found some good stuff on Pinterest, my recent/current obsession.

I love it.

I had fun on instagram with the #runnerdphotoaday prompts, and got a little sweat in my eye from running in the heat.

Talked myself off a ledge when I had to nix the Two Cities Half Marathon.

Missed my little brother (as always, but later this month marks one year since I last saw him alive). I'm glad I got to know him for more than 27 years, though.

Started reading the October issue of Runners World (a little premature, oh well).

Talked to my mom, and helped arrange our trip to Cedar City. Yippee! Les Miserables, Stones in His Pockets, and Aladdin. I'm very excited. I hope there's room for some chocolate cream pie, cream cheese tarts, BBQ, and picnics this time.

And now, it's time to go to work.

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