Monday, September 10, 2012

Help wanted

I need a great, witty comeback for someone who says I look tired or stressed. I don't want it to be blatantly, overly offensive ("At least I don't look as bad as you"). Mildly mocking the person would be okay ("Please, teach me how you look so amazing every day").

I get this kind of thing all the time, bit I hardly ever have a retort. Any ideas? Here are a few of mine:

1) Yeah, well, this is what I look
like after staying up all night
having sex.
2) I was so excited about coming
to work today that I couldn't
fall asleep last night.
3) I was saying my last goodbyes
to my favorite aunt, who's
dying of a flesh-eating
4) I was at the emergency room
until 3am.
See? Not creative, not funny. Help!

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