Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hit-and-miss...thumbs up!

I've seen this a couple of places now, and I don't know if it's part of it or whatever, but I wasn't tagged or anything; I just like being included, so here goes nothing:

10 personal running questions:

1 My BEST RUN EVER has got to be the Star 6 Memorial 10K. It was my second 10K, and my best time. I've managed to run both 10Ks without stopping to walk or poop. Yay for me! I think my favorite distance is the 10K.


In warm weather, shorts with my purple tank top; in cold weather, shirts with my long-sleeve white shirt and some long socks.

4 My QUIRKY RUNNING HABIT is giving everyone a thumbs up, on both hands, the entire time I'm running. Oh well.

5 My run-time preference (MORNING, MID-DAY, OR EVENING) largely depends on the season, but if the weather was perfect whenever I wanted to run, I would pick late morning. After breakfast, but not too late.

6 I WON'T RUN OUTSIDE WHEN IT'S... pouring buckets of rain (or hail).

7 I'm going to jinx myself right now, but so far, in my life, I have no WORST INJURY AND HOW I GOT OVER IT story. Nothing. Never injured. Never had a doctor (or my body) tell me not to run. Cue the sprained ankle.

8 I FEEL MOST LIKE A BADASS RUNNER WHEN... I don't stop to walk.

9 NEXT RACE IS... probably sometime next year. I nixed the race I wanted to do in November (Two Cities Half Marathon in Fresno and Clovis)... Unless they're giving away entries, it's just not in the budget this year, with trips to San Francisco and Disney World recently, and quickly-upcoming trips to Cedar City (Utah) and Hawaii. Next year.

10 My POTENTIAL RUNNING GOAL FOR 2013 is to keep it up. We're planning to have a kid soon, so I would really like to continue running through that, if possible.

Wait, no. One more goal: more 10Ks. Maaaaaybe a marathon.

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