Sunday, September 9, 2012

My race that wasn't, but is now!

Bad news.

For me, anyway. Because I am a total dork and didn't plan this whole thing ahead of time, and didn't think that a HALF marathon in the booming, in-demand metropolis that is FRESNO would cost $90, I'm going to skip the Two Cities Half Marathon this year (and, let's face it, most likely next year as well, if all goes according to plan, or if the world ends on 12/21/2012 like it's supposed to).

Boo. No third half marathon for me. Label me sad. Or, wait. There must be another way!

Yup, just checked the books, and it seems as though it's not illegal for me to follow through on this 13.1 deal without an organized race. I can run that far on my own! I can go where I want, instead of being forced to run per their instructions, follow their guidelines, and track their route.

Yay, yippee, and hallelujah! Cue angels singing. Or, maybe just the Scala & Kolacny Brothers, singing, "I touch myself." Either way.

Label me "unimaginably giddy." I'll run 13.1 miles on November 4th (or maybe 3rd, if that's better for me), come hell or high water. I don't have to stop training, and I still have my goal to help me focus.

This is exciting! I'm excited. Who else is excited? Anyone want to join me? C'mon, it'll be fun! All the fun of a 13.1, without the race fees or that slow first half mile because of the crowds.

Any takers?

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